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Our motto is Quality, Commitment and Performance.
The Scope of our Quality System is Planning, development, marketing and management of residential and commercial.
Ahmedia follows a Quality Management System hierarchy that is strictly abided by in all its residential and commercial properties in Dhaka and elsewhere. This system includes departmental guidelines and work instructions as well as essential directions for the quality management system from the top management, covering all requirements of ISO 9001: 2000. To this effect, Quality Records are maintained methodically and carefully.

We ensure that wastage during construction is as low as 5%, thus providing optimum value for the client’s money whether it is a commercial property investment or an individual who wants to buy an apartment or villa. We adopt latest technologies for safer, timely and reliable construction across all our properties in Dhaka and other cities, giving you the best bet when you buy an apartment.

We encourage customer feedback and reviews so that corrective actions can immediately be put in place. Our Quality standards and procedures are periodically reviewed so as to maintain continuous improvement in all areas of activities based on customer inputs to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our aim is not restricted to being among the best Dhaka, Chittagong builders or in the country alone but also to be as environment friendly as possible. We address environmental safeguards and improvements in all our developments for the conservation and development of a greener and safer environment.