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To our esteemed friends, patrons and business associates,

Over the years we have successfully diversified our businesses into Real estate, Home appliance products, financial institution. Now we are going to boast entities in petroleum gas.

Eurostar Group was born with the aim and objective of serving the People and the Country, and with a vision of building Bangladesh as an economically developed and self-reliant country. These objective and vision have made Eurostar Group keep widening its areas of business and thus turned it into one of the largest business and industrial conglomerates of the country by ensuring its strong presence in almost all major industrial and business sectors.

We will bridge the gap between quantity and quality; leveraging our strength in managing large-scale operations even as we deliver best-of-class products and services to our consumers.

We attract meritorious employees and provide them opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. We ensure a congenial work environment, free from discrimination or favoritism. Employees are our most precious assets and empowering them is the secret of our success.

Our suppliers are chosen from those who comply with the laws of employment and protection of environment. We encourage and assist our suppliers in becoming more efficient. We ensure that our suppliers provide us materials which conform to the highest standards.

We will strengthen the image of “Made in Bangladesh” and continue to act as a catalyst in transforming the quality of life of millions of Bangladeshis.

Welcome to the Eurostar Group.

Monir Ahmed
Managing director
Eurostar group